LaQuanta Riley was born February 26, 1984, in Montgomery, AL, to a 16-year-old mother.  When she was only a few months old, she became ill. LaQuanta's great aunt, who also raised her mother, stepped in and accepted her into her home as her own.  She grew into a fair young lady with the help of a cousin who also took her under her wings as her own.  LaQuanta was encouraged and given a good life-style with her new family in Georgia.

In 1998, she received the award of Valedictorian of her 9th grade class. The speech she delivered was very moving.  She spoke of how blessed she was to have a host of mothers-her birth mother, her aunt, and her cousin-who had been her "God sent" mothers.  LaQuanta is a firm believer in God and was raised in a Godly home.  At an early age, she learned the benefits of prayer and she believes in prayer.

She enjoys music.  In her 8th grade year, she played the clarinet in the school band.  LaQuanta loves life and spending time with her siblings.  She enjoys cooking and is an excellent cook.  The night she disappeared, she prepared a pot of spaghetti ( her favorite) for dinner.

She graduated in Georgia in May of 2002, from Reddan High School.  Ever since her freshman year of school, she'd had a goal to attend college and obtain a degree in Criminal Science and Investigation.  Before LaQuanta's disappearance, she'd begun to seek out the college she would attend to carry out her goal and had taken the necessary steps to enroll.

LaQuanta was in the habit of working, earning her own money at an early age as she worked along side her cousin (who was a "big sister") for a number of years.

LaQuanta is full of life; she's smart, loving, and motivated.  LaQuanta has a smile and this little funny giggle that can melt the hardest heart.  She's a very gentle and caring person who finds pleasure in helping others.  She touched the heart of anyone she came into contact with and her family misses her more than any words can express.  We pray for the day she comes back to us and we're truly grateful for everyone whose prayers are being sent up in her behalf and all the things that are being done to bring her home to us. The family thanks you.  Please continue to pray.

I love and miss LaQuanta with allmy being. She is and will always be the sunshine of my life.
Katie S.
I miss LaQuanta and wish that she were here; my heart will jump for joy on her return. She's a very loving and caring person and full of life and a very big part of my life. I miss her.
Stacy R.
LaQuanta is the big sister I never had; she has taught me much--above all, how to live and love. She is deeply missed.
If I could use only one word to describe LaQuanta, it would be love because she's a very loving person. I miss her.
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