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General view on Education in Songjiang

Shanghai Songjiang Education Bureau    2015-11-29 14:36:00

This district has a total of 254 educational institutions at various levels in 2013. To be precise, there are 176 schools of basic education stage, including 45 public primary and middle schools (4 senior high schools, 2 high schools, 7 junior schools, 18 nine-year schools and 14 primary schools), 23 private schools (4 high schools and 19 primary schools), 107 nursery schools and kindergartens (60 of them private), one special school, 70 vocational and adult schools (1TV University, 1 teachers’ training college, 6 vocational schools, 13 adult schools, and 50 private non-academic education institutions),  and 8 other public education institutions. The faculty in public schools adds up to 7721, with 6204 of them full-time teachers. 3930 people work in private schools and kindergartens. The amount of students is 143,500, with 69,100 of them in public schools (including 30,100 of them from other provinces), 29,100 of them in private schools (including 25,200 of them from other provinces). 39,800 children are in the stage of preschool and 5400 students are in vocational schools.


Author:Shanghai Songjiang Education Bureau
Source:Shanghai Songjiang Education Bureau

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