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Project of Cultural Exchange——between Songjiang No. 1 High School and Gwangmyeong High School of Korea

Shanghai Songjiang Education Bureau    2014-10-29 15:32:00

To expand students’ international horizons, to practice their comprehensive abilities, to help them learn how to get along with others in the multicultural world, to spread and enhance Chinese culture, to strengthen the cultural exchange between China and Korea and to promote the friendship between our two countries, our school signed the agreement with Gwangmyeong High School in April, 2011, announcing the establishment of Partner School Link.

According to the agreement, the two sides will arrange for students to exchange visits between the two schools every year. Chinese students will pay a visit to South Korea during summer vacation, while South Korean students will visit China during winter vacation. Forms of communication include living in an assigned homestay, where you can live with students’ families; visiting schools, observing the learning activities and carrying out the indoor and outdoor interactive projects; organizing visits to Seoul, capital city of South Korea, or Shanghai China, to enjoy the scenery and learn about the folk customs of the city etc.; understanding foreign cultures and lives, building a good friendship and pairing with each other by going deeply into students’ family.

Since 2011, students in our school have been organized to go to Korea for the cultural exchange for four years in succession. Every year, about 20 students are chosen as the members of the delegation according to the voluntary registration as well as their performances in the school interview.

Although each exchange only lasts for a short period of 4 days, the rich and colorful activities have left an unforgettable impression on the students and achieved the desired effects.


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