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Striving for Being “Internationalized”——Songjiang No.2 High School

Shanghai Songjiang Education Bureau    2014-10-28 15:32:00

While building a modernized education with its own characteristics, Songjiang No.2 High School is making its education internationalized. In students’ exchange program, on the basis of the traditional projects of Hyogo High School, Japan and partnership with Brisbane, Australia, we have established friendly relations with Arcadia High School, Southhill High School and Admiral Farragut Academy in USA, Gymnasium Uberlingen in Germany and All Saints School of Australia. Each year, more than one hundred students exchange visits with their international counterparts, which not only improves students’ communication ability, but also broadens their horizons through the close access to foreign cultures.


In order to improve students’ speaking, the school hires native English speakers to offer spoken English class in Senior One. Meanwhile, the school offers foreign language subjects such as Korean. Since 2012, the school has collaborated with Arcadia High School, California, to develop a dual curriculum from Senior One to Senior Three with the focus on bilingual education. Based on the experience acquired from the Experiment Project of Innovation Ability Cultivation, the school probes on the international hybrid program starting from ELD (English Language Development),SLD (Science Level Development) and other humanities courses. So far, the school has opened the pilot program in Senior One and Two, offering the subjects of ELD (I and II), SLD (TI, Biology and AP biology physics, chemistry and engineering). In November 2013, two teachers were appointed by Arcadia High School to give instructions on ELD teaching and they gave very positive comments on our ELD program.


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