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Shanghai Songjiang Education Bureau    2014-10-29 15:37:00

Foreign Language High School Affiliated to Shanghai Normal University is a school specialized in foreign- language teaching. Over the years, the school has paid great value to the students’ exchanges overseas, making great efforts to cultivate the students’ understanding of multi-culture, in order to help students become citizens with global consciousness, good command of foreign languages and international vision.

Our school actively expands the channel of international exchanges, carrying out various activities like overseas sister school exchanges, students’ short-term study, and summer camp, just to mention a few. Since 2011, more than 300 teachers and students have visited Japan, Britain, the United States, France, Luxemburg, Canada, and Australia through overseas study and exchange of visits. 

Several overseas sister schools have maintained good cooperative relationship with our school through exchange of visits, such as schools in Luxembourg. It has become a long-term international exchange program, popular with students and praised by parents. At the same time, the Chinese ambassador in Luxemburg, Luxemburg’s ambassador in China and Luxemburg Consul General in Shanghai have given support and affirmation to the exchanges between the schools of two sides. Through the exchanges, the students can receive education in foreign countries, experiencing different cultures, which can promote further development of students’ comprehensive pragmatic ability, understanding of the diverse cultures of the world, and global awareness. Our school can expand the international influence as well.

Foreign Language High School Affiliated to Shanghai Normal University also actively explores the curriculum of international understanding by means of strengthening oral English teaching, the introduction of "Good English" , the employment of foreign teachers, and providing  second foreign language courses such as French, German, Japanese, Korean and Spanish. In the development course and research courses, through exploration of setting up a series of international understanding curriculum, such as the "English corner", " the appreciation of British and American film and TV program ", "English and American culture", "International etiquette", "cultural exploration", "science and technology English ", "bilingual geography", "IB physics",  a solid foundation of language and culture for the international exchange will be established, which is the forceful guarantee of promoting multi-channel and deep international exchanges .

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