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Min Weixing, Songjiang NPC director Visited SISU Foreign Language School Accompanied by Chen Xiaohua, Director of Songjiang Education Bureau

   2017-11-10 15:32:00

    On the afternoon of June 25, a delegation of over 50 Songjiang NPC representatives, led by Songjiang NPC director Min Weixing visited SISU Foreign Language School. Chen Xiaohua, Director of Songjiang Education Bureau accompanied.

    Min said, “It is comforting to see the rapid development of education in Songjiang. “ He hoped that Songjiang education would continue improving its quality and levels to cater for the expectations of the residents in Songjiang.

    Chen made a report for the representatives about the status quo of Songjiang education and some thoughts of further development. He also recalled the five years’ development of SISU Foreign Language School and the achievements it had made.

    Representatives gave positive comments on the development of Songjiang education and the facilities as well as the building of campus culture of SISU Foreign Language School. Moreover, they hoped that schools at the basic level would continue to establish a brand for Songjiang education in course building and quality management.



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