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Party Chief of Songjiang No. 2 High School Yang Min visits Songjiang No. 4 High School

   2018-11-03 09:08:00

    On October 31 morning, a delegation of seven people from Songjiang No. 2 High School headed by the school’s Party secretary, Mr. Yang Min, and its director of general affairs, Mr. Wang Rongbin, paid a visit to Songjiang No. 4 High School.

    Mr. Gao Depin, principal of the No. 4 High School extended a cordial welcome to the delegation, and expressed his appreciation for their assistance to the No. 4 High School. At the meeting, Mr. Gao also introduced the achievements of “aesthetics-oriented education” in recent years as well an upgraded plan of aesthetics-oriented education and its implementation path. The delegation also visited Jimei Gallery (School History Museum), the Students’ Art Exhibition Room and the Root-Carving Room and watched the publicity film titled “Growing to Beauty” in Mr. Gaos company. The visitors highly praised the recent changes in the No. 4 High School, especially its achievements in aesthetics-oriented education.

    The meeting between the two schools was an exchange as well as a summary of their efforts for the District’s goals of “building peaks and highlands while guaranteeing the basis” in education. Songjiang No. 4 High School will score greater achievements in the upgrading of aesthetics-oriented education under the guidance and with the help of Songjiang No. 2 High School.



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