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Sijing Experimental School holds donation for the No. 1 High School of Tingri County, Tibet

   2018-11-07 09:11:00

    Sijing Experimental School has won wide applause in and out of campus since its Party branch initiated the “Waterdrop Outreach Program”. Three major series of activities have been held so far.

    Recently, Sijing Experimental School made a donation to the No. 1 High School of Tingri County, Tibet. School leaders, head teachers, teacher representatives, and financially strapped students at Tingri No. 1 High School attended the activity. Sijing Experimental School raised 3,322.60 yuan through charity sale and asked Tingri No. 1 High School to purchase cotton-padded shoes and caps, scarves, and gloves for needy students with the donation. At the donation activity, Tingri No. 1 High School called on its students to be grateful to the Party, to the motherland and to society, and encouraged them to study hard and repay the kindness they have received.

    Songjiang District and Tingri County are far apart, but they are tightly connected by Highway 318. Inspired by the school motto of “Persistence leads far”, the students at Sijing Experimental School have brought hope and warmth to their friends in Tibet, with whom they will grow under the same sky.



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