Foreign language school affiliated to Shanghai normal university: The first semester of 2016 school year XiaoMing President delivered a speech in the opening ceremony of 2016

   2016-08-31 15:41:00

Dear teachers, dear classmates, morning:


    Today we gather here to hold the opening ceremony of the first semester of 2016 school year. First of all, please allow me, on behalf of the school DangZhengGong group and all the teachers, the students and teachers with very best wishes for the new term.


    Scanning of the campus, students of water. At this moment, we miss graduate leave me of our senior year class of 2016 graduates. Through their efforts, completed the senior school, now in accessing all the doors of the colleges and universities. We sincerely wish them in the future the road of life more brilliant, more happiness.teachers and fellow students, we are very pleased to have ushered in the new freshman, this means that the further development of our school, the great changes of our school. Here, we once again on behalf of all the teachers and students, for the arrival of the new students and our new teacher, once again, we warmly welcome.


    The new semester, with our new look forward to. I'm looking forward to our third year student of the class of 2017, you are our reform of the college entrance examination after the first high school graduates, want you to move in a new environment, make your effort to find you the most satisfied with the position, you the most satisfactory success. I'm looking forward to high school students, by your chosen subject under the situation of the development goals, I hope you take grade 11 period of learning and make their further development, become an outstanding high school students. I'm also looking forward to the high grade new classmate, you as soon as possible to adapt to school life, in your new high school time, find themselves the most glorious.


    Students, teachers, we gathered more than one thousand people, is our more than one thousand very accidental meeting this fate, is our common fate. I hope we all cherish such a rare, life for each other, for our campus, add our warm and bright.


    Finally, bless our teachers and classmates, in the new semester new harvest happiness.


   Thank you very much.


On August 31,2016



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