Shanghai International Studies University Songjiang Foreign Language School :Reading can improve teachers' humanistic literacy

   2016-11-19 15:51:00

The afternoon of August 11, Songjiang District School of Education teacher Chen Gan is being involved in the summer training of foreign students outside the school to bring all the teachers to "read - enhance the humanistic quality of teachers" as the theme of the lecture. Chen Gan teacher to hot news "Japanese students in Thailand airport breathtaking scene" for the opening, the introduction of the status of teachers reading.

Teacher Chen pointed out that teachers should first become a real scholar. Because reading is the conscious pursuit of professional development of teachers, is the growth and development of self-life. Second, teachers should explore their own reading path. Chen shared his own reading path: from books on pedagogy to pedagogy, psychology books to books on educational philosophy and curriculum philosophy. His reading path has experienced from the development of ontological knowledge to the conditional knowledge and then to the process of humanities knowledge. Teachers reading to combine personal interests, reading is a special to Bo, and then by Bo to the process. Teacher Chen pointed out that teachers should generate practical wisdom, establish educational beliefs and seek educational dreams.




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