Experiencing multiculture and broadening international horizons - A visit to the Canadian schools

上师大外语附中    2017-11-02 18:01:00

In July 2017, 11 teachers and students went to Bodwell High School in Canada for a two-week visit.

The group were warmly welcomed by Bodwell Middle School. Students took lessons to experience Quanzhen high school curriculum in North America, which is challenging, interesting and innovative, helping students to achieve comprehensive improvement.

Thanks to the great arrangement of the exchange school, the students were given the chance to stay with the local family. Not only can students quickly improve their ability of communication in English, but fully experience the Canadian family's authentic daily life. More importantly, it helps students develop a better understanding of the local customs and culture.

During this period, the students also went out of the campus, tasting the unique culture and customs in Vancouver. For example, at weekend they went hiking in Victoria and Whistler.

Through these activities, students have improved their ability to use the foreign languages, enhance self-confidence, broaden their own international perspective, and know how to respect and understand multiculturalism while experiencing the Canadian cultural atmosphere. It will surely arouse students' interest in learning and enrich their learning experience, which is of great significance.





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