Harmony promoted through International Exchange - The Graduation Ceremony and International Cultural Exchange for students from Luxembourg

上师大外语附中    2017-11-02 18:03:00

On April 14, a wonderful party was held for the teacher and students from Luxembourg, which indicated a fulfilled ending of the 5th cultural exchange between Sino-Luxembourg schools.

The performance Golden snake dance given by folk music club opened the prelude to the whole show, lighting up the atmosphere in the hall. With the Chinese musical instrument, the pop song Cao Cao harvested the students bursts of applause. The success of the aerobics team also brought to everyone a visual feast. From the old Shanghai style cheongsam to full of youthful aerobics, their performance was glamorous. Western style tap dance, Latin dance brought us international style. In addition, yoyo ball community, Jiang Yiling from Class 4,Senior one and students from Luxembourg also brought us wonderful performances.

Through years’Sino- Luxembourg exchange, our students are more and more confident, and Luxembourg students have also expressed their love for Chinese culture from the bottom of their heart. Despite different cultures, students from both countries continue to communicate through various exchange activities, so as to understand each other better in this global village.






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