The signing ceremony of the National Union of Chemical Engineers and some Chinese key middle schools held in our school

上师大外语附中    2017-11-02 18:05:00

On the afternoon of April 11, a signing ceremony was held in our school for French National Institute of Chemical Engineers and some Chinese key middle schools. Participants and schools include: Fabien Chareix, Consul General of the French Consulate General in Shanghai, Vice President of the National Union of Chemical Engineers, Fédération Gay-Lussac, France, Professor Jacques MERCADIER, Professor Pierre Briend, Head of International Programs, Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Rennes, Professor Daniel Plusquellec, former Chairman of the National Institute of Chemical Engineers of the French National Institute of Chemical Engineers, and principals of some key middle schools such as Guangzhou No.1 Middle School, Tonglu Middle School of Zhejiang Province and Nantong First Middle School of Jiangsu Province.

The signing ceremony was presided over by Principal Xiao Ming. As the host, Mr. Xiao first extended his sincere welcome to the guests, and then introduced the school's foreign language characteristics as well as the educational philosophy of international understanding.

Professor Jacques MERCADIER, Vice President of the French National Institute of Chemical Engineers, and Prof. Pierre Briend, Head of the International Program, gave a lecture on the Alliance and the project. Professor Jacques MERCADIER said that the alliance aimed to help more students accept international education, in order to adapt to the world. So the Union hoped that more Chinese students would come to France, enjoying high-quality, professional education resources. The principals and the French visitors had a cordial conversation on China's learning situation, and both sides were willing to enhance the Sino-French education cooperation in the future.

The signing of the project was supported by the French Consulate, and Fabien Chareix, the consul of education, hoping to help Chinese schools to better understand the education in France, to do more work in the field of education and to promote the French education Cooperation and development.

Our school has been insisting on foreign language education for many years, so that language can serve as a door to the world for students. With the Sino-French cooperation project, more students will benefit from the world-oriented open education arena.





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