First visit to New Zealand

上师大外语附中    2017-11-02 18:10:00

In order to broaden students’ horizon, and to promote the school’s foreign language characteristics, during the 2017 winter vacation, 18 students together with Ms. Wang Yi, and Mr. Jin Ziming, went to Manurewa High school and Canterbury University in New Zealand for a 11-day visit.

Students participated in the all-real classroom activities and made friends with their partners in New Zealand. In this perfect language environment, the students’ listening and speaking ability has been significantly improved through courses such as English listening and speaking, cooking, community activities, sports games, etc. In addition, the delegation also visited University of Canterbury, ranked second in New Zealand , and conducted a face-to-face interview with official of admissions in International Department.

At the same time, the students enjoyed the New Zealand's natural scenery and British-style towns and cities, Christchurch, the Queen’s town, Mount Cook and the Canterbury plain, just to name a few. Furthermore, under the guidance of the teacher, students of Darwin Science society carried out an in-depth study of New Zealand birds.

The study tour in New Zealand not only provides us with the opportunity to broaden horizons, but also implement our career planning courses, which responds to the comprehensive reform of Shanghai education, providing students with  a new platform for research study.





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