Songjiang Young Pioneers Wins National Awards

   2018-09-21 09:02:00

Recently the General Office of the Communist Youth League (CYL) Central Committee, the General Office of the Ministry of Education (MOE), and the Young Pioneers National Working Committee Office jointly held a competition for “National Excellent Young Pioneers Counselors” and “National Excellent Young Pioneers Groups”. Ms. Zhang Ling from Yongfeng Experimental School of Songjiang District’s Zhongshan Sub-district was awarded “National Excellent Young Pioneers Counselor”, and the Young Pioneers Battalion of Songjiang Foreign Language School (SFLS) Affiliated to Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) was rated as “National Excellent Young Pioneers Battalion”.

    Having served as Young Pioneers counselor for 12 years, Ms. Zhang has rich experience in the Pioneer work. She stood out from the competitors through the application form-based preliminary selection, interview and on-site voting and won the honor. Her insightful ideas, unique work and reflections on the Pioneer work deeply impressed the experts at the interview.

    The “Sun Moon Star” Battalion of SFLS integrated patriotism and education in liberal arts and traditional culture into its activities, fostering positive values and outlooks on life through personal experience. The Battalion held activities like Parents’ Lectures and trips which expanded the members’ horizons and benefited their all-round development. It also organized multi-level (battalion, companies, and squads) competitive activities like “Superstar” cards and “Sun Moon Star” coins to raise the overall quality of its members. It has formed distinctive cultural characteristics of its own through an array of club activities. The title of “National Excellent Young Pioneers Group” conferred on the SFLS Battalion is a new highlight in the Pioneer work of Songjiang District.



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