Songjiang District recognized as National Demonstration District for Education for the Aged

   2018-11-03 09:05:00

At the National Conference on Distance Education for the Aged and the First Forum on Distance Education for the Aged held on November 1, Songjiang District was awarded the title “National Demonstration District for Education for the Aged” by the Distance Education Working Committee of China Association of the Universities for The Aged (CAUA). Among the 28 districts conferred this title nationwide, Songjiang was the only one from Shanghai Municipality. Mr. Wang Zhengyong, managing vice president of Songjiang District University for the Aged, delivered a speech on behalf of Shanghai at the conference, winning wide applause from experts and colleagues present.

In recent years, Songjiang District achieved harmonious development of school education, distance education and social education for the aged through governmental guidance, the establishment of learning networks, and the integration of education resources. At the same time, Songjiang District has continuously increased the awareness rate, participation rate and coverage rate of distance education for the aged on the basis of the “seven ones” (namely, one form, one book, one booklet, one website, one paper, one official account and one club), raised the overall efficiency of distance education through the backbone training model, the interpreter model, the mutual help model and the four combinations model, and expanded the scope of education for the aged through compilation of local textbooks, IT training and expanding learning methods of the elderly.

Since 2013 when Songjiang was awarded the “National Experimental District for Distance Education for the Aged”, distance education for the aged in the district has made new breakthroughs in terms of publicity and guidance, organization and administration, and learning results, and is advancing on the track of standardization, socialization and scientific development.



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