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Founded in 1904, Shanghai Songjiang No.2 High School has been adhering to its core value of “cultivation, integrity, character and individuality” for more than a century and has formed its exceptional tradition and deep cultural foundation. It is among the first schools that were granted the title of "Experimental and Exemplary High School" in Shanghai and has been listed as a Model Unit for sixteen successive years. With 36 classes and 1300 students, Songjiang No.2 High School has a faculty of 133 teachers, among whom five are teachers of special honor, sixty-five have the senior teachers’ title and 39 are pioneer teachers in Songjiang.

    Curriculum construction has been the focus of the school’s work in recent years so as to improve its competitiveness. With the guiding rule of “enforcing cultivation and foundation; improving thinking and practice”, the school has carried out construction of its curriculum system, whose purpose can be summed as “four-threes”: integrating the three dimensional teaching objectives, restructuring the three types of courses, smooth welding of the three grades and universal improvement in the students of three levels. While carrying out the overall enhancement, the school has established some subjects of special characteristics, such as Chemistry Experiment, which is based on the basic curriculum of chemistry and other research classes. As a pilot school of the Experiment Project of Innovation Ability Cultivation in Shanghai, Songjiang No.2 High School has set up more courses with the focus on cultivating innovation ability, such as elective courses, lectures and field trips. Each summer we organize the field trip named “Soaring High” to Peking University and Tsinghua University, the participants of which are mainly from our experimental classes. The school has also stepped up its construction of chemistry, physics and automatic control labs in order to provide a firm support to the curriculum construction. Two of our labs have been listed as Best Examples of High School Innovation Lab in Shanghai.

    In order to improve its international fame in education, the school has launched a cooperation in ELD with Arcadia High School in LA, USA and started the pilot class of the international hybrid program in Senior One of the 2013 Grade. In November 2013, two teachers from Arcadia High School were appointed to Songjiang No.2 High School to conduct instruction in the teaching of ELD. In December 2013, the international hybrid program successfully passed the evaluation organized by the expert panel of the Municipal Educational Committee.


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