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Shanghai Songjiang Education Bureau    2014-10-29 14:51:00

Cangqiao school, established in 1905, is now located in the west of Songjiang district,Shanghai, which has about 2,000 students in 46 classes with a total of 164 faculty and other staff at present.


Although Cangqiao School has renamed for several times during this century, with the main educational philosophy of “Create a cozy environment for every student’s development”, the spirit of “affect, educate, strict, perfect students with culture, virtue,rule and beauty”, and the belief of “insisting the connotative construction of stability, advance, harmony and high-quality ”, Cangqiao School is always dedicated to do the best education to satisfy parent’s hope.


In recent years, we have been firmly sticking to the philosophy that “Features are quality, features are brand and features are development” and show the quality of the school with our own features. In 2011, the school was incorporated into the first list of the New Quality School Promotion Program; in 2013, the school successfully founded the “Model School of Shanghai in the Education of Psychological Health”; in 2014, we have been working actively to win the honor of “Unique School in Psychological Health Education among Primary Schools and Middles Schools Nationwide”. ── The psychological health education of Cangqiao School has now passed 25 years in exploration and practice. Based on previous works, we stick to the development notion of “extension and exploration, marching over steps, reaching a new realm of culturing talents”, follow three major principles of “deepening, refinement and radiation” to systematically establish positive psychological atmosphere in the school, boost the common psychological development of teachers and students, keep assuring that the psychological health education of the school could spark new spirits in today’s atmosphere of advocating life education.


Cultivated by Songjiang’s thousand-years’ history, the century-old school is now sparkling its new vigor! Recently, the school has the honor to win “Shanghai Model Unit”, “Shanghai Garden Unit”, ”Shanghai Safe and Civilized School”, “Songjiang Model Unit”, ”Songjiang Code of Conduct Demonstration School”etc, one after another. And at the meantime, Cangqiao School’s quality gets continuously improved ── Cangqiao School establishes satisfying education with actual practice and contribute the education force to the local economic and social development by consolidate the primary education in lead-in area of basic population.


Author:Shanghai Songjiang Education Bureau

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