The Experimental School affiliated to Donghua University

Shanghai Songjiang Education Bureau    2014-10-29 14:54:00

The Experimental School affiliated to  Donghua UniversityDHFX in shortis a nine-year system school which is jointly established by Donghua University and the People’s Government in Songjiang District, Shanghai. The first enrollment started in September, 2013. The school makes full use of the high-quality education resources of Donghua UniversityDHU in short, adapting the excellent school spirit of “strictness, diligence, concreteness and innovation”. Also DHFX insists on the school motto of DHU as “ Integrity in mind,Erudition in learning,Nobility in aspiration, Conscientiousness in practice.” DHFX shows its school characteristics as ‘Priority in Culture, Strength in Science, Balance in Liberal arts and science, and All-round development ’. DHFX strives to set up a ‘five-in-one ’ education brand involving ‘Science, Culture, Happiness, Green and Harmony ’.


The school adjoins the Thames town in Songjiang new town, located in the south of New Songjiang Road to Hongxiang Road, in the east of Chenta Road to Wenhan Road, which have a total area of 59687 square meters, and a building area of 37361 square meters. The whole school construction is at a high starting point, under high standard and also with high involvement. The design concept of the school shows ‘Science, Culture, Modern, Ecology and Art ’. There are complete sets of teaching and living facilities including teaching buildings, laboratory building, library, gymnasium, stadium, restaurant and underground garage, which are reasonable layout. There are 30 classes in the primary school and 40 classes in the junior middle school. In September 2014, students moved to the new school sites. There are totally near a thousand students in grade one, two, six and seven in DHFX so far. The school makes strict check to ensure that the teachers consist of Key Normal University graduates, District leading teachers in specific subjects, and young promising teachers. Now the school has one Shanghai special-grade principal, two leaders from DHU and 80 permanent teachers, including 53 Chinese communist party members.


DHFX insists on talents cultivation orientation education, and pays close attention to the harmonious development of students in physical, mental and ethical. DHFX attaches great importance to the effect, efficiency and long-acting nature of teaching. Basic on the outstanding professional teachers from DHU and the social education forces, DHFX provides students with diversified courses and also offers them a multicultural platform, to let our education help every student to make full preparations for their future. The ‘JingWei Forum ’ and JingWei School Newspaper set up by DHFX further raises the school cultural connotation and education quality. We strives to make DHFX a new high-quality school in Shanghai, where there is high-quality education, distinct science and cultural characteristics, and modern school management.


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