Sijing No.2 Primary School

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Located in Sijing , Songjiang District in Shanghai, Sijing No.2 Primary School is surrounded by a large living community named Xinkai Homes. It has a long history with its predecessor Yucai Private Primary School founded in 1917, and then renamed as Silian Primary School after several changes. In August 2011, it has been moved to the new campus in Xinkai Homes while its name was officially changed into Sijing No.2 Primary School. Now our school is a member of the project “Building new high-quality school in Shanghai" targeted by the Shanghai City Board of Education, and it has won many awards in recent years, which including the National Model Schools for Nutrition and Health Education, the Model School of Conducting Codes of Shanghai, the Safe and Civilized Campus of Shanghai, the Guidance Base School for Family Education of Shanghai, and a lot of awards on district level such as the Model Establishment, the Advanced Institution for the Disclosure of School Information, the Characteristic Schools with Art Education, the Education Advanced institution with Teaching Staff Construction, the Advanced Institution of Technology Education and so on. Meanwhile, the Children's Palace "Music of the Bay" at school has been awarded the National Rural Children's Palace schools.


With a total area of 2.8 Hectares and a gross floor area of 15,374 square meters, Sijing No.2 Primary School enjoys a first class hardware facilities. At present, the School has more than 1500 students studying in 30 classes, and 150 teachers. Among the faculty and staff, 100 are full-time teachers, 5 are senior teachers, and more than 90 percent have got Bachelor degree or above.


Adhering to the core idea of “Make a Little Progress Every Day” and focusing on the “Four Harmonious” educational goals, Sijing No.2 Primary School strongly advocates the idea of “Initiate the spirit of dedication thus improve teachers' professional level, reinforce the harmonious construction to embody team’s wisdom, establish the objective of personal growth and fight for it, and consolidate the promotion of the project so as to contribute to the building of a better school” in the cultural construction. It has explored a rigorous and harmonious managing strategy, trained the staffs to enjoy working with a variety of people, and improved a unique Ten Grade strategy through the sustainable development on quality-oriented education and inner construction in line with the consolidation of "running schools in conventions, fine tuning of management, and building the school with characteristics” under the concept of cultivating and nurturing the children. Following these efforts, the school remains at the forefront in Songjiang District, and has moved into the ranks of new high-quality schools in Shanghai from an ordinary rural school. Sijing No.2 Primary School has made greater development and explored a special approach for educational development through the unremitting efforts.


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