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Shanghai International Studies University Songjiang Foreign Language School (SFLS) is a nine-year public school which is co-built by Songjiang Government and Shanghai International Studies University. “For children’s lifelong happiness, for parents’ satisfaction” is our dream. Our pursuit is to train students to be a cross-cultured new generation who are English featured, excellent in Arts and Science, all developed in morality, intelligence, physique and aesthetics.


“Onetwo, three! Let’s join the world together!” is the best conclusion of SFLS’ English feature. “One” refers to the teaching guidebook. It tells how to use Oxford English and Foreign Schools English properly based on the idea of “In English teaching, listening and speaking should be the first. Then reading and writing are followed. The most important is that English should be taught in communication.” “Two” refers to the two English Festivals in SFLS, English Reading Festival and English Science and Technology Festival. All the students, teachers and parents take an active part in these two festivals in which we hope help students join the world through the bridge of English. “Three” refers to basic, developed and explored English curriculums. On the beginning levels, listening and speaking are paid more attention. For the higher levels, reading and writing are. For all levels, students should be comprehensively developed. Based on these ideas, we have run courses such as Story Telling, Drama, Travel round the World for different levels. Recently, we have won the outstanding award in Shanghai Teaching Skills Contest for English and Bilingual Teachers, the first award in Shanghai Primary School Drama Contest and the outstanding award in Shanghai Students Science English Contest.

Onetwo, three! Let’s join the world of English language, and the world of different cultures and the world of love and peace!


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