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Shanghai Songjiang Education Bureau    2014-10-29 15:19:00

Our school was founded in 1904 and is now an experimental and demonstrative school of Shanghai. It covers an area of 80,335 square metres, of which 38,597.1 square metres is the building area. There are 38 classes in our school including 8 made up of students from Xinjiang Autonomous Region. We have a strong and professional faculty force, a beautiful environment and advanced facilities.

Our school adheres to the philosophy of “laying a solid foundation for every student’s future success and setting up a platform for every teacher’s further development”, focusing on the cultivation of students’ introspection about self-directed growth and leading students’ cultural consciousness on lifelong development. We are actively involved in the “four-self” (self-confidence, self-reliance, self-improvement and self-discipline) education featuring self-directed development, taking the self-directed education of students as the main form, school life, home life and social practice the main carriers. Our efforts have had a remarkable effect.

Our school is now taking an in-depth form of the curriculum and teaching in order to realize the school-based curriculum development of foundation courses, the diversification of extension courses and the individualization of inquiry courses. The students social practice we have carried out includes trips to Songjiang (the hometown) with the map of social practice, Shaoxing (the birthplace of Luxun, a famous writer)after learning an excerpt by Luxun, the Nanjing Massacre Momerial, places after reading related books as well as social studies field trips. Dozens of students’ club activities are held actively, such as seal cutting club, photography club, literature society, gymnastics team and chorus. Meanwhile, colorful campus cultural activities are carried out too, such as Celebrating the Lantern Festival, Art and Science Festival in May, Reciting poems in the Mid-Autumn Festival, New Year Party, Campus Reading Books Festival, Grapefruit Festival etc.


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