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Minle School, located in Songjiang District of Shanghai, is a nine-year education school with beautiful environment and it was founded in 1999. It has been successively evaluated as the National Characteristic School, Shanghai Civilization Unit, Quality Education Experimental School in Shanghai, the First Batch of Teachers' Professional Development School of Shanghai, Shanghai Administration Scheme, Conduct Demonstration School of Shanghai, Shanghai Characteristic Art School, the first group of Shanghai Demonstration School of Young Pioneers’ Work, Shanghai Popular Science Demonstration School of Mitigation of Earthquake Disasters, Calligraphy Characteristic School in Shanghai and so on.

The arrival of knowledge economy age requires the creative ideas and innovation for administrative organization in our school. We let coaches enter the school and athletes go out of the school. We explore the organic fusion of school, clubs and second-line teams, combining primary school, middle school and high school step by step. In 2009, Urban People’s Congress and the Municipal CPPCC research group listed our traditional fencing project as a typical representative of ‘the Five Model of Combination of Sports and Education in Shanghai’. In the 14th Sports Meeting in Shanghai, 2010, we were received by the Municipal Party Committee Secretary Yu. In 2012, our school was awarded as the advanced school of Combination of Sports and Education in Shanghai and Wen Hui Bao made a special report in the newspaper. In recent years, our school has been rewarded more than twenty national honors. We have been organizing different kinds of district-level and city-level races and competitions. Our school has achieved many accomplishments and has trained a group of outstanding fencers. 

As the characteristic art education school of Shanghai, we are the base of students’ Band training. The school regularly carries out ‘practice every day, play every week, show every quarter’ art activities. Up till now, we have won many first prizes of district-level and city-level festival competitions. Hundreds of students have been honored.

Minle School follows the laws students’ physical and mental development and respects the differences between students, teachers, project characteristics and geographical features. The teachers are all dedicated, experienced, knowledgeable, humorous, affable and lively and they prefer to adopt flexible and diverse teaching methods to ensure a coherent affinity with all children. Students here are promised to have a happy and fulfilling school life because of so many responsible and excellent teachers and visionary leaders. To be unique in schools’ blooming witnesses every progress in Minle School.

Welcome to Minle School!


Minle School, Songjiang District, Shanghai

Address: North Renmin Road 439 Songjiang District Shanghai



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