Foreign language primary school attached to Shanghai Normal University

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Foreign language primary school attached to Shanghai Normal University was founded in 2002 August. On July 2008, merge rongbei branch school which is the original Zhongshan primary school, set up a new foreign language primary school attached to Shanghai Normal University. After resource integration, it is divided into East, west two school campus. East Campus is located in Road No. 127 Rongmei road, West campus is in North Guyang Road No. 1355. Email address:

In the running process of 10 years, the school has a good hardware facilities, excellent teachers, high school subject, characteristic education curriculum; classroom teaching is excellent, good social reputation.

We take every child a "VIP" as our concept of running a school, and formed a "VIP" characteristic curriculum. With the actual circumstance of the school, we propose VIP curriculum concept. VIP is an English phrase Very Important People abbreviation. Namely, every child is the school's VIP, highlighting students’ subject status, learning achievement and paying attention to student's personality development. That is to provide the high quality for the individualized curriculum system for children. VIP involves eight areas of learning language and literature, mathematics, social science, natural science, technology, sports and fitness, arts, comprehensive practice.

V course (Verein curriculum), which means students study in the form of a small team of elective courses, including bilingual development courses, cultural courses and community courses, its purpose is to make learning more fun.

I course (Intrapersonal curriculum), "I" is "me" in the meaning of the English. I curriculum means to consistent with students’ personalized development intrinsic demand,  to have expertise or proficiency in a particular line of student developed individual courses, including small languages courses, self exploration curriculum and subject curriculum section extension. Its purpose is to make learning more personality.

P course (Public curriculum), a required course which means all the students should participate in. The courses include the national curriculum, subject curriculum and campus culture characteristics of curriculum and the practice experience course, focusing on the school's "two development". Its establishment goal is to make learning more enjoyment.


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