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Shanghai Songjiang Education Bureau    2015-10-29 09:26:00

Shanghai Songjiang Zhongshan Primary School is famous for its long history, profound culture and high quality of education. In recent years, it has got a series of honorary titles—Demonstration School for National Language Specification, Shanghai Demonstration School for the Code of Conduct, School with Eyas Medal for Excellent Work in Young Pioneers, Shanghai Training Base for Schoolmasters, Shanghai Model Unit.

We teachers have inherited and carried forward the school culture ‘Moral Education First, Development by Education Research’. We have been committed to quality-oriented education reform, which has entered a new stage. Young backbone teachers are trying to improve their teaching. An educational idea ‘Creating a Comprehensive Class’ has being put into practice. Lessons like Arts, Crafts and Science are being further developed.

To better education and achieve our educational dream, we have being focused on the following two aspects.

The one is to improve teachers’ educational level. We are highly concerned about teachers’ ethical and moral qualities. We put much emphasis on the research and development of school-level training courses for teachers. We also attach great importance to the building and development of teaching and research groups. Giving full play to backbone teachers, we effectively promote school-level training for young teachers and strengthen the standardized training for trainee teachers. We have improved teachers’ professional qualities continuously and steadily, thus realizing a balanced development of our teachers as a whole.

The other is to put into practice educational principlelaying solid foundations for each and every child’s lifelong happiness. We try to educate children on the basis of their existing learning levels and details of behaviors, thus promoting their all-round development. We try to model each child into a person with thankfulness, honesty, tolerance and responsibility. We try to teach each child to be a person with outstanding performance in writing, speaking, singing, crafting and sporting. We try to educate each child into a learner with passion, persistence, motivation and innovation.


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